The HOO-HAAcademy: Level 1

New classes starting July 17th 2019 now on sale - click here!

Wanna learn how to improvise short-form like a pro? 

Improvisation isn’t just heaps of fun… it’s also a great way to build confidence, unlock your inner creativity and strengthen your funny bone! People from all walks of life jump into the impro arena, and you don’t have to have any performance or comedy experience to enjoy yourself.

Whatever you want to get out of it, learning to improvise with The Big HOO-HAA! is fun, playful and engaging at every turn. Find out how to be present, listen to your fellow performers, and turn your ideas into great scenes and hilarious jokes.

Whether you're a total impro newbie or have a bit of training under your belt, our senior ensemble members will teach you all the skills to improvise like a fast and loose comedy veteran, and impress friends and family in a graduation show at the end of it.

The July 2019 HOO-HAAcademy Level 1 course is now on sale!

Here's what some of our previous academy graduates had to say:

"I originally came from a music theatre and drama background but had never studied in the art of improvisation before. I decided to enrol in the HOO-HAA! Level 1 course and I am so glad I did! HOO-HAA! gave me the confidence to explore, learn and play with some of Australia's best improvisers, comedians and teachers.

"By the end of the course I was confident enough to audition for The Big HOO-HAA! I felt prepared in my skills and had practised the format during the course. After the audition, I was lucky enough to be offered a place in the Melbourne ensemble. Now I get to perform regularly on Friday nights and I have the HOO-HAAcademy to thank!" - Ally R

"I really enjoyed the course. The content was great and delivered by fantastic teachers. The mood of the class was overwhelmingly positive and enabled students to take risks (and fail happily) in a safe and supportive environment." - Ryan P

"Thank you! This course had a huge impact on my artistic practice. Thank you all for sharing your considerable knowledge in a gentle, patient way. Your energy, warmth, enthusiasm and humour made it the perfect learning environment." - Lisa-Skye

"Those classes were like a warm hug, they were so much fun, everyone was so lovely and it was just such a welcoming introduction into improv...I am absolutely hooked now and can't wait to do more!" - Jessie N

HOO-HAAcademy: Hoo-Haarder

New classes starting October 7th are on sale now - click here!

So you’ve been around the improv block but crave more? Well, HOO-HAAcademy: Hoo-Haarder gives you the opportunity to explore your own improv style, revel in your strengths and work on self-identified areas needing that extra focus. Battle to rhyme? We got you! Want to work on character? No prob! Feel the need to explore genre in depth? Let's do it old sport!

This time, not only will we continue to share our nuggets of golden improv knowledge and experience, but you'll get to tell us what you want to learn. Think of it as Impro Masterclassing with some of Melbourne's finest, tailored to your desired and experience!

Let's take your impro to the next level!

(HOO-HAAcademy Stage 1 participation or relevant improv experience is compulsory to attend this course. Please contact us if you'd like more information, or aren't sure if you're eligible for this course)

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